Vision & Mission Statement

VISION Statement

We strive to be an effective, relevant and a respected associate of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

MISSION Statement

The Association aims to serve and support the country, the Royal Malaysian Navy and its Members.

    1. By promoting the highest standard of the Royal Malaysian Navy.
    2. By initiating and sponsoring activities which perpetuate the traditions, customs, interests and growth of the naval service.
    3. By creating programmes and providing services towards the welfare and well-being of its Members and Members of the Royal Malaysian Navy.
    4. By enhancing networking and fostering comradeship through social, recreational and sports programmes.
    5. By seeking the Royal Malaysian Navy’s hospitalities and the usage of facilities such as the Wardroom, accommodation, recreational and sports within the naval bases to its Members.
    6. By helping and advising Members, their spouses, widows and dependents that are in need or distress of any kind through the Association’s Charitable Bureau.
    7. By promoting initiatives and imperatives in the best interest of country, the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Association from time to time.