KD Perantau

These photos were posted by Lt Tan Kah Gee (hydrographer) some time ago. It's about the paying-off of KD Perantau, the Grand White Lady, on 2 October 1990 at LBJ, Lumut. All the past COs were there, except Kept Husaini, my 1st CO and later Cdr Rajamahendran. I served on board from May 1975 till October 1978,  as POERA (BMTMK), my longest sea service ever, in one ship. This Grand White Lady of the sea was the hardest working ship in fleet then and so were the officers and ship's company.

KD Perantau: The Grand White Lady  

Certainly it was a fitting tribute to be accorded a ceremonial paying-off, for KD Perantau. I would  imagine that they would have flown the paying-off pennant, one ship's length, from the masthead, past the transom and into the water, as she sailed into LBJ for the very last. 

As the RMN band played "Will ye no come back" or was it " Geylang Sipak Ku Geylang", I'm sure there were tears welling up in the eyes of those who had once served on board. A very sad event indeed.