Industrial Nurse

Role Details

  1. Attend to employees’ medical complaints and provide authorized medical treatment at the company’s in-house clinic
  2. Liaise with hospital authorities on Guarantee Letter (GL) issuance for employees
  3. Assist in FAB audit and employees yearly medical surveillance
  4. Support in health program activities in the Company
  5. React and pro-act on any safety matters affecting employees during working hours
  6. Perform other related duties as and when assigned and requested
  7. Comply with any related company’s Quality Policy, OHSAS, Quality Management System and RBA
  8. Report to Welfare Executive


  1. Diploma in Nursing with Certified Nursing registration/Practitioner or Diploma in Medical Assistant with Annual Practicing Certificate
  2. At least one year working experience as Industrial Nurse/Staff Nurse
  3. Computer literate
  4. Able to communication with all levels

Terms of the Role

  1. This is a part time role
  2. Flexible Working arrangement: at least 3 days a week, 6 hours a day
  3. Salary per hour : MYR 15

About the Company

Venture (SGX: V03.SI) was founded in 1984 as a global electronics services provider. Today, Venture is a leading global provider of technology services, products and solutions with established capabilities spanning marketing research, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability, supply chain management, as well as product refurbishment and technical support across a widely diversified range of high-mix, high-value and complex products.

Venture has built know-how and intellectual property with domain expertise in printing and imaging, networking and communications devices, handheld interactive scanning and computing products, advanced storage systems and devices, financial-related equipment and technology, industrial, power and energy-related products, test and measurement equipment and instrumentation, medical and healthcare devices and life science equipment.

In its pursuit to create unparalleled enterprise excellence across design and engineering, manufacturing and distribution, Venture has forged numerous meaningful partnerships and alliances. As it assumes a key role in the enterprise chain, Venture will continue to tap the knowledge and best-in-class capabilities of global enterprises for breakthrough innovations.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Group comprises more than 30 companies with global clusters in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, America and Europe and employs over 12,000 people worldwide.

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