Brief History of RMNOA


1.    The Retired Malaysian Naval Officers Association was initially known as the Alumni BRNC Malaysia. In June 2005, a Protem Committee was formed to establish an association named ”Alumni BRNC Malaysia”. The Protem Committee Members were:

President: RAdm Dato’ Yaacob bin Haji Daud (Ret)
Deputy President: FAdm Dato’ V. Ramachandran (Ret)
Honorary Secretary: Lt Cdr Sivaprasad RMN (Ret)
Honorary Treasurer: Cdr Wong Ah Soh RMN (Ret)
Committee Members: FAdm Dato’ N.E. Peterson (Ret)
RAdm Dato’ Danyal Balagopal Abdullah (Ret)
Capt Hamid bin Yaakob RMN (Ret)
Capt Siew Koi Seng RMN (Ret)
Cdr Syed Salim bin Syed Osman RMN (Ret)
Lt Cdr Chan Moon Fook RMN (Ret).

2.    The application to register the association was sent to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) in December 2005. The Registrar of Societies approved the application and the Constitution on 15 August 2006. The running of the association is guided by the Constitution which will be improved from time to time.

3.     The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at the Armed Forces Golf Club (KGAT) Annex, Sungei Besi, Kuala Lumpur on 18 March 2007. Those elected were:

Patron: Admiral Dato’ Seri Ramlan bin Mohamed Ali
RAdm Dato’ K. Thanabalasingam (Ret)

President: Admiral Tan Sri Abu Bakar bin Abdul Jamal (Ret)
Deputy President: RAdm Dato’ Yaacob bin Haji Daud (Ret)
Honorary Secretary: Cdr Syed Salim bin Syed Osman RMN (Ret)
Honorary Treasurer: Cdr Lim Ewe Chye RMN (Ret)

Committee Members: RAdm Dato’ Danyal Balagopal Abdullah (Ret)
FAdm Dato’ Noor Azman bin Hj Othman (Ret)
Capt Ir. Rani bin Mohd Raji RMN (Ret)
Lt Cdr Wan Azfar bin Dato’ Wan Annuar RMN (Ret)
Lt Cdr Chan Moon Fook RMN (Ret)
Lt Cdr Phua Hean Sim RMN (Ret).

RMN Representative: Capt R. Subramaniam RMN

Honorary Advisors:VAdm Tan Sri Abdul Wahab bin Nawi (Ret)
Capt Khoo Tee Chuan RMN (Ret)

Auditors: FAdm Dato’ Mohd Ramli Samjis (Ret)
Lt Cdr Shauki Hashimi bin Basir RMN (Ret).

4.    A number of social and sports activities were organised during the year. The number of members increased to 76 towards the end of 1997. The Committee believes that there is a need to review the Constitution in order to attract members, either from Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) England, US Naval Accademy Annapolis, German Naval Academy Murwick, Pusat Latihan KD PELANDOK or any other entries, but not deviating from the objective of “forming a dedicated association to maintain the comradeship of Naval Officers’.

5.    The 2nd AGM was held on 30 March 2008. The main issue that was passed during the meeting was to change the name of the association from ‘Alumni BRNC Malaysia’ to ‘Persatuan Pesara Tentera Laut Malaysia or Retired Malaysian Naval Officers Association (RMNOA)’. It was also agreed that the registered address of the association was to be changed from ‘Suite 12-3-3 Tower 12, Bukit OUG, Jalan 3A/155, Taman OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur’ to KD SRI GOMBAK, Jalan Padang Tembak, 50634 Kuala Lumpur’. It was laid out in the Constitution that the Mission and Vision of the Association is as follows:


We strive to be an effective, relevant and a respected associate of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

The Association aims to serve and support the country, the Royal Malaysian Navy and its Members.

  1. By promoting the highest standard of the Royal Malaysian Navy.
  2. By initiating and sponsoring activities which perpetuate the traditions, customs, interests and growth of the naval service.
  3. By creating programmes and providing services towards the welfare and well-being of its Members and Members of the Royal Malaysian Navy.
  4. By enhancing networking and fostering comradeship through social, recreational and sports programmes.
  5. By seeking the Royal Malaysian Navy’s hospitalities and the usage of facilities such as the Wardroom, accommodation, recreational and sports within the naval bases to its Members.
  6. By helping and advising Members, their spouses, widows and dependents that are in need or distress of any kind through the Association’s Charitable Bureau.
  7. By promoting initiatives and imperatives in the best interest of country, the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Association from time to time.

6.    During the 4th AGM held on 21 March 2010, Admiral Tan Sri Dato Setia Mohd Anwar bin Haji Mohd Nor was elected as President of the Association and he has held that post since then.  During the 5th AGM held at KD SRI GOMBAK on 12 March 2011, it was agreed for a minor change with the Constitution as follows:


a.    Ordinary and Life Members

i.    All retired commissioned officers of the RMN are automatic members of  RMNOA.

ii.    Ordinary Membership shall be activated upon payment of the Annual Subscription. Life Membership is granted to a Member who has been an active Ordinary member for 5 (FIVE) consecutive years or pay a lump sum of its 5-year subscriptions.

iii.    Active Ordinary and Life Members may hold office, vote or call for general or extraordinary general meetings in accordance with the rules of the Association.

7.    The elected committee members called the Executive Committee (EC) members hold monthly meetings. Each of them holds a portfolio for them to work on. The portfolios are:

a.    Sports and recreation
Only golf games have been organised so far with the Army retired officers, RMAF retired officers, lady golfers of KGA, with Setiakawan (mainly Army retired officers) and a game with retired police officers is being organised.

b.    Social
We have organised visits to a number of naval establishments such as KD SULTAN ISKANDAR Johore, Lumut Naval Base, MAWILLA 2, MAWILLA 1, MAWILLA 3 and the Maritime establishments in Pulau Indah (APMM, National Hydrographic Centre National Maritime Centre).

We have also organised luncheon talks including the Director General of JHEV Maj Gen Dato’ Zulkiflee and social activist Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

c.    Welfare
Among the activities organised are visits to ailing naval officers, Buka Puasa and Tazkirah

d.    Fundraising
We have organised Charity Dinner and Charity Golf games for our Charity Buro and donation to Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Kawasan (PPDK), Lumut.

e.    Public Relations
We have launched a magazine called SEAHORSE, opened a website called (which is not functioning at the moment) and another website

This association is contactable through our e-mail or handphone number 019 382 1644.

f.    Membership.
We have launched a number of membership drive and since year 2010, we have persuaded all ex-Naval Officers (whether they are active members or not) to participate in our activities.

8.    We are still hoping that more ex-RMN officers especially the younger generation will take more active role in RMNOA activities. The next Annual General Meeting will be held at KD SRI GOMBAK on 22 March 2014 at 1000. Please come to attend the meeting and come early as breakfast and lunch will be served in traditional wardroom style.

RMNOA Secretariat
February 2014