Fast Fact: KD Perantau


KD PERANTAU, one of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Hydrographic Survey Ships was finally decommissioned on 2nd October 1990 after 36 years of service in the Royal Navy (15 years) and the Royal Malaysian Navy (21 years).

The ship was first built as a minesweeper and commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1954, known as HMS EDDERTOIV. After 10 years of service as a mlnesweeper, she was then refitted as a survey ship in 1964 and recommissioned as HMS MYRMIDON. In 1969, when the RMN established its own hydrographic capability, the ship was bought over by the RMN and she was then renamed KD PERANTAU. Since then, she had rendered excellent service in chartinq the Malaysian waters.

RMN Survey Ship KD PERANTAU During the time of 4-Nation Joint Survey in Malacca and Singapore Strait

During her entire service in the RMN, she was employed mainly to conduct survey in the coastal waters of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The ship also took part in the Four Nation (lndonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore) Joint Survey in the Malacca and Singapore Straits and another Joint Survey between Malaysia and Singapore in the Johore Strait for the delimitation of maritime boundaries of the two countries. Her last survey was in Darvel Bay, Sabah, where a geological and geophysical survey was conducted for the Geological Department of Malaysia with the assistance of an expert from the United Nations (UNDP-CCOP).

Throughout her service the ship had undergone two long refits and several slippings to extend her life span; however, in the last couple of years her condition had deteriorated drastically such that it was uneconomical to keep her in the service any more. The decision was then made for her to be decommissioned.

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