Family Driver

Role Details

A family in Mont Kiara is looking to hire a senior / retiree as a Family Driver

Job Description

    1. Drive the employer’s vehicle in a safe and and orderly manner.
    2. Ensure safety and comfort of passengers at all times
    3. Check schedule and ensure timely pickup and arrival
    4. May be required to perform duties other than transporting people, including but not limited to the delivery and pickup of goods and the running of errands.


  1. A valid driver’s license
  2. A clean driving record
  3. Good eyesight
  4. At least 5-10 years driving experience
  5. A polite and professional disposition
  6. Alert, watchful and safety conscious
  7. Able to remain calm in stressful driving situations (e.g. at rush hour)
  8. Familiar with Google maps / Waze for directions as may be needed
  9. Able to converse in English would be preferable

Terms of the Role

  1. Salary: RM 2,000 negotiable
  2. Flexible hours

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