KUALA LUMPUR March 22, 2014 – Retired Malaysian Naval Officer Association (RMNOA) held its 8th Annual General Meeting at KD Sri Gombak in Jalan Padang Tembak on Saturday. 

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Epic seating: Admiral (Rtd) Tan Sri Dato’ Setia Mohd Anwar chairing the meeting. Sitting next to him is the current chief of Royal Malaysian Navy, Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Hj Jaafar and the committee members

The main agenda of the meeting was to announce the yearly financial statements and previous year annual report. Another highlight of the meeting was the reduction of membership fee from RM100 to RM25 commencing immediately. This fee revision is to lessen the burden of its existing two thousand members and to consolidate the association by strong bonding of many new members in the future.

Royal Malaysian Navy chief, Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar, officiated the meeting with the presence of Admiral (Rtd) Tan Sri Dato’ Setia Mohd Anwar bin Hj Mohd Nor as the association’s chairperson. Fifty-five association members from all over the country attended this meeting.

Speaking to the reporters during a press conference in regard to the missing MH370, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar said, “We have already deployed six ships and three ship-borne helicopters to the southern corridor covering the Indonesian waters and the Indian Ocean for the SAR operations.”

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In the limelight: Navy chief and RMNOA president speaking to the media during a press conference

“This deployment includes two Super Lynx and a Fennec helicopter. More vessels will be deployed for any circumstances including to transport the debris if the plane crash has been confirmed” he ended after delivering Malaysian Service Medal to thirty-four members of the high-ranked naval retirees for their contributions and dedication in protecting and upholding sovereignty of our country.


Honorary handshake: From left Rear Admiral (Rtd) Dato’ Danyal Balagopal bin Abdullah, Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Hj Jaafar, Rear Admiral (Rtd) Tan Sri Dato’ Seri K. Thanabalasingam and Commander (Rtd) Dr. Tan Khai Poh.

Recipients of the medal are:

1 N/400131 Lt. Kdr Mui Sum Loong  (Rtd) 01 Jan 1961
2 N/400155 Lt. Kdr Chiang Joo Boom (Rtd) 29 Apr 1962
3 N/400169 Kdr. Lim Ewe Chye  (Rtd) 01 Jan 1961
4 N/400175 Lt. Kdr Chan Peng Sum  (Rtd) 01 Sep 1962
5 N/400183 Kdr Mokhtar Rasali bin Hj Mohd Fadzil (Rtd) 01 Jan 1966
6 N/400205 Kept Udin bin Ujud  (Rtd) 01 Sept 1963
7 N/400207 Kdr Chua Jit Beng  (Rtd) 1 Jan 1966
8 N/400236 Kept Chow Yew Wing  (Rtd) 30 Nov 1964
9 N/400242 Kept Siew Koi Seng  (Rtd) 15 Apr 1965
10 N/400266 Lt. Kdr Ong Huat Leng  (Rtd) 15 Jun 1966
11 N/400277 Laksma Dato Pahlawan Hj Zainal bin Mohd Dali (Rtd) 06 Sep 1966
12 N/400285 Kdr Leong Tat Khoon  (Rtd) 01 Dis 1966
13 N/400344 LaksmaDato Musa bin Mustakim (Rtd) 22 May 1968
14 N/400355 Kept Hj Husaini bin Abdullah  (Rtd) 22 May 1968
15 N/400358 Laksma Dato’ Danyal Balagopal bin Abdullah (Rtd) 01 Aug 1968
16 N/400359 Kdr Dr Tan Kai Poh  (Rtd) 01 Sep 1968
17 N/400380 Lt. Megat Aziz bin Noordin  (Rtd) 28 Jul 1969
18 N/400404 Laksma Dato’ Noor Azman bin Hj Othman (Rtd) 03 Jan 1970
19 N/400418 Kept Noh bin Abdul  (Rtd) 28 May 1970
20 N/400420 Kept Wahab bin Ahmad  (Rtd) 18 Jun 1970
21 N/400423 Kdr Muhammad Ghiahuddin bin Zainal Abidin  (Rtd) 18 May 1970
22 N/400425 Kept Ir Hj Rani bin Hj Raji  (Rtd) 18 Jun 1970
23 N/400431 Kdr Ir Mohd Noor BIN Mohammad  (Rtd) 01 May 1971
24 N/401032 Lt. Kdr Tan Siew Thye  (Rtd) 14 Dis 1980
25 N/401262 Lt. Kdr Phua Bok Chuan  (Rtd) 10 Jun 1975
26 N/401226 Laksma Dato Ir Ahmad Murad bin Hj Omar (Rtd) 21 Dis 1974
27 N/401241 Lt. Kdr Yong Peng Wai  (Rtd) 10 Jun 1975
28 N/401824 Lt. Peter Chua Lye Thiam  (Rtd) 01 Jul 1980
29 N/402374 Lt. Carmen Rosemary Edmonds  (Rtd) 07 Jun 1980
30 Lt. Kdr Ahmad Mazlan
31 Kdr Narman

Navy chief also presented Squash Trophy to the association as the Royal Malaysian Navy players turned to be the new Inter Service Squash Championship greats. Association wish to congratulate former and present RMN squash team for winning back the throphy after more than a decade.


Rustic win: A forty-seven year-old squash trophy donated by former Royal Malaysian Navy chief, Admiral Madya Dato’ Mohd Zain bin Mohd Salleh in 1977 returns to the rightful armed force

The RMN squash players are:

1 YB Hj Imran Kdr Lee Chee Yong (Chairman)
2 Kdr Lee Chee Yong Sec Lt. Joshur Anak Going
3 Lt. Cdr Phua Bok Chuan LR Mohd Asyraf
4 AB Abdul Rahman Baharin LR Elvin Reo
5 Kept Leong Seak Meng LR Choong Kam Heng
6 Lt. Abu Bakar bin Man BM Zulkifli
7 P O Sivaji BM Mohd Yazid
8 P O Lo Meng Kee LK Ahmad Ahyar
9 P O K S Tang LK Mohd Noor
10 P O Mohd Razif Bakri LK Ahmad Aswadi
11 Lt. Cdr Neo Tuan Sin LK Mohd Nazri
12 P O Zaman LK Kamaruddin
13 A B Termiri LK Syawal
14 A B Ehier


Line of legendaries: Tan Sri Abdul Aziz (centre) photographed with RMNOA members after the 8th Annual General Meeting at KD Sri Gombak.


Behind the scene: Event secretariat in charge of the smooth flow of the 8th Annual General Meeting