THE Kinta Valley, which is blessed with scenic limestone hills and caves are eco-tourism magnet for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Access for some of these caves are difficult and require visitors to crawl and squeeze themselves though tight corners.

One of the popular cave among local and international cavers in the country is Gua Kandu in Gopeng and Kandu Eco Adventure helmed by Kandu Eco Adventure operator, Commander (Rtd) Marzuki Ahmad offers you convenience of caving.

Quick glimpse

Gua Kandu was estimated to be between 400 million and 500 million years old, based on fossils found in the cave. It has a major cave system that is over 1,000 metres long. There were also two chambers aptly known as Diamond Cave and Gold Cave due to the colour of the rocks and sparkling crystals found there.

Gua Kandu was used as a base by Japanese soldiers during World War Two and subsequently became a hideout for members of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) when the Japanese left. They left evidence which can still be seen in some sections of the cave.

As for facilities, Kandu Eco Adventure built proper toilets, a dormitory catering for up to 40 people, 7 chalets, 2 family rooms and a hall which can accommodate up to 80 people on the land next to Gua Kandu. Campsites are available too.

Besides going on a guided tour of the cave, visitors can try abseiling, fishing, river tubing, white water rafting, jungle trekking and mountain climbing.

Commander (Rtd) Marzuki Ahmad can be reached at +6019-510 1253 or visit Kandu Eco Adventure Facebook page.