Administrative Assistant

Role Details

  • Assist office operations
  • Update info into the database and document filing
  • Maintenance of records and filing systems
  • Implement any ad-hoc instructions as required


  • Efficient computer and typing skills
  • Able to read and write in good English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Able to multi-task

Terms of the Role

  • Contract Period : March 2019 to May 2019  (3 months)
  • Working Hours: 8.30am to 6.30pm
  • Days: Monday to Friday
  • Salary: RM1,500 – RM2,000

About the Company

The organisation is a for-profit social enterprise, initially focusing on providing employment for people with disabilities, and refugees. The client’s mission is to leverage technology and the internet to connect people in marginalised communities to the global economy. Whoever joins this organisation has to in the first instance subscribe to this mission, and share in the passion to do this. This will not suit someone who is just interested in a job and a career. Since technology is a driver in the organisation’s business, anyone who joins the organisation must embrace technology and see it as a major enabler in making the world a better place. He/she must have the curiosity and interest to try new things. The social enterprise whilst still very small, is a very global organization. They have staff and clients in more than 10 countries. So anyone who works with the organisation has to have at least the desire to want to have an international mindset, and not be constrained and preoccupied with own culture and idiosyncrasies.

Being a global business, the organisation operates 24/7, and hence their people cannot have the attitude that everything shuts down at 5pm on Friday, and restarts 9am Monday. They are not expecting people to work 24/7, but being digitally connected is part of thier business and DNA. It is expected that all people are also digitally connected in their private lives. So, since they are checking their smartphones and tablets for personal messages anyway, they should also be scanning work messages and to take action if needed. Most of the time, it would just be to acknowledge a message from a colleague or a client.

People who work for the client must have the following attributes:

  • Passion for what the client stands for
  • Desire to work hard and to add value, and produce outcomes
  • Embrace technology, and always keen to learn new things
  • Value the work-life balance that this job provides and be willing to attend to matters outside normal working hours
  • Ability to work on an international platform
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