Accounts Administrator

Role Details

Accounts Administrator responsibilities include book keeping, invoicing, reviewing and reconciling accounts, processing
payments to external partners and maintaining updated records of invoices, receipts and filling taxes and other relevant
documentation. To be successful in this role, candidates should have a Finance or Accounting background and be familiar with
Roles & Responsibilities
    1. Reconcile financial statements
    2. Manage payroll
    3. Manage the accounts, taxation policy etc
    4. Manage obligations to suppliers, customers and third-party vendors
    5. Process bank deposits
    6. Reconcile financial statements
    7. Prepare, send and store invoices
    8. Contact clients and send reminders to ensure timely payments
    9. Submit tax forms
    10. Identify and address discrepancies
    11. Report on the status of accounts payable and receivable
    12. Update internal accounting databases and spreadsheets


  1. Proven work experience as an Accounts Administrator or similar role
  2. Good knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and debt collection regulations
  3. Hands-on experience with accounting software
  4. Advanced knowledge of using accounting software and Excel (using financial formulas and creating spreadsheets)
  5. Solid data entry skills with an ability to identify numerical errors
  6. Good organizational and time-management abilities
  7. BSc degree in Finance, Accounting or relevant field
  8. Good attention to detail
  9. Hardworking and diligent
  10. A Team Player
  11. Has a high sense of responsibility

Terms of the Role

  1. The company is open to both full time (permanent) and part time (contractual) arrangements for this role
  2. Full time arrangement terms are as follows:
    • Working days Monday to Friday (9am – 6pm)
    • Monthly Base Salary at MYR 4000
    • Benefits as per company policy
    • Statutory contributions based on regulations
  3. Part time arrangement terms are as follows:
    • Working days and timing to be mutually determined
    • Monthly base salary will be based on the agreed working arrangement
    • One Year Contract

About the Company

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