PVATM Initiative

Closing submission date to PVATM is January 31, 2017.

Forwarded information from the Veterans Association of Malaysian Armed Force (PVATM):

Pursuant to the recent Kempen Tabung Pahlawan 2016 activity marshalled by PVATM, the association will distribute welfare aid of RM500 to Disabled Veterans and Disabled Ex-Servicemen this year beginning March 2017.

Details required are:

1. Full name as in NRIC
2. NRIC Number
3. Address and telephone number (mobile if available)
4. OKU card number or medical report certifying the bed ridden status
5. Name of beneficiary
6. Status of pension or non-pensionable

Please be informed that only disabled veterans and ex-servicemen who possess OKU card issued by the Social Welfare Department as well as those who are bedridden shall be considered. The application will then be screened by the PVATM Welfare Bureau.

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